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With a wealth of global experience, BlueXPRT and its associates specialize in diverse areas, including process water, water-steam cycles, water conditioning chemicals, membranes, bio-fouling, and more. If your needs extend beyond our expertise, we’ll guide you to the right industrial experts. Our approach is rooted in continuous knowledge development, and we actively participate in research projects, some funded by the European Commission. Whether you’re delving into new water sources, carbon capture, microplastic removal, or diverse industrial projects, we provide leadership and support. One of our goals is to help parties reach amicable agreements, but when expert witnesses or litigation support are needed, we’re here for you. Our consultancy services cover water chemistry, biomass, and waste characterization, ensuring you have the answers you seek. Additionally, we offer insightful courses on process and cooling water chemistry tailored to your facility’s specific needs, led by experts in the field. Join our network of global experts, and let’s innovate together!

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