Interview of the BlueXPRT founder for the magazine “De Ingenieur” (June 2023, NL)

This article presents how a dynamic Dutch startup established in 2018, is on a mission to revolutionize the world through innovative technology solutions. Based in Enschede, the company boasts a team of dedicated experts who specialize in orchestrating complete innovation projects, securing crucial subsidies, and ensuring seamless project execution. Notably, BlueXPRT’s groundbreaking “In-No-Plastic” initiative, aimed at eliminating plastic from cooling water, garnered a substantial six million euros in European Horizon 2020 funding and involved seventeen international partners. With a proven track record in assisting companies like Arcelor Mittal in reducing CO2 emissions, BlueXPRT’s founder, Ludwin Daal, emphasizes the significance of professional guidance for startups. As the company envisions expansion to twenty employees in the future, BlueXPRT remains committed to catalyzing positive change and technological innovation.