About us & Careers

We are an SME and offer services in bringing innovation to market through project development and execution. We also offer technical support to industrial installations especially where water plays a primary role.
Innovation: Our innovation approach is aimed at bringing together different organizations together to tackle global problems, as we strive to conserve our wonderful blue planet. Together with these organizations, we form a team that defines a common goal. We then acquire the necessary funding to achieve these goals. Our purpose is to aid in this complex process and ultimately manage the innovation project successfully. Bringing sustainable industrial innovations is a thrilling and satisfying experience.
Industrial installations: Reliable and efficient operation of industrial water reduces, among others, high operational costs, unexpected shutdowns and helps to ensure reliable plant operation.The expertise of BlueXPRT is aimed at the daily operation, integrity and performance of these water systems as well as related effects on the environment. We do so by reviewing, monitoring and evaluating impact on the operational processes and assessing the effects on the aquatic environment. The goal of BlueXPRT is to be an independent consultancy company in industrial water services encompassing primarily process water. BlueXPRT provides high-end consultancy services to loyal customers from the heavy industry as well as governmental authorities.

Meet the Team

Ludwin Daal. Founder and director of BlueXPRT bv. Ludwin has a chemical and environmental engineering background and worked within waste, biomass and water consultancy for over 15 years. He has over 10 years’ experience as R&D project manager. He has worked within the Process and Cooling water group within legacy KEMA (later DNV GL than SWECO) which provides services to heavy industry. His main tasks were R&D project management, water chemistry and business development. He is a successful project manager capable of bringing technologies to pre-commercial stages. This has earned him and his team several innovation nominations and his projects are considered success stories by the European Commission. He is often contracted by the European Commission to evaluate proposals and he has been appointed as technical expert in trials involving water chemistry. He is capable of processing large sums of complex information and pinpoint the key aspects. He is a passionate speaker and has spoken at different international conferences namely in Qatar, Australia, India, China, South Africa, within Europe, and the United States of America.

Salman Shahzad. Originally from Pakistan, Salman has a Masters in Energy and Environment Management with an emphasis on Sustainability and Circularity. His research area investigated using social entrepreneurship as a means to achieving sustainability. He has worked in Slovakia and acted as an advisor for the country’s biggest NGO, in transitioning towards an economically self-sustaining model. He has experience working in different cultural environments such as Slovakia, Russia, Pakistan and the Netherlands. Currently, he is working on the In-No-Plastic project under BlueXPRT in a management capacity. Along with this, he has interest in scouting promising and innovative start-ups from his native homeland which he aims to promote within the European landscape.



We are always looking forward to new colleagues to strengthen our team. Below an overview of our job postings:

Internship Opportunity  

Study level: Final year Bachelor or Master Student at a recognized Dutch Educational Institution. 

Field of Study: Business and Finance 

Length of Internship:3 months or morefinancial compensation depends on level of education and year 

Background on current project:  

BlueXPRT is currently involved in the EU-funded project titled In-No-Plastic. This funded project started in October 2020 with BlueXPRT being the acting project manager supporting SINTEF from NorwayThe project is centred on creating tech-savvy and socially designated plastic clean-up strategies to gather nano, micro and macro plastics. The clean-ups are aimed at wonderful beaches and large industrial complexes. Furthermore, the aim is to ultimately investigate circular approaches to close the loop on plastic with a desirable business case 

For a project this vast in scale, ranging from the European Union to the Caribbean, BlueXPRT is designated with a multitude of responsibilities with tasks of various nature, always offering something newWith a consortium of 17 partners across multiple continents, maintaining communication flow and adhering to the project’s scope becomes a great challenge. For you, this will be a great opportunity to be introduced to the world of European innovation, contribute towards the movement towards sustainability, broaden your own network and be part of tackling the global problems of today. 

Your role: 

  • Help determine the impact of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the solutions through first crude techno-economical assessments 
  • Conduct financial evaluation and sensitivity analysis 
  • Conduct market research on competing technologies 
  • Report findings and provide recommendations 

Candidate Requirements:  

  • Fluency in English (C1 level minimum); multilingual is welcomed  
  • Good writing and presentation skills 
  • Flexible and Adaptable 
  • Advance skills in Excel and well-versed with Microsoft Office  
  • Experience in developing Excel macro’s, using code like Python, Visual Basic or other 
  • Understanding of Net Present Value, Return on Investment and Sensitivity Analysis. 

 Please send your CV and Motivation Letter to the address below with the subject heading “Innoplastic-Internship-BX”. If you have any queries, send them to the same address below with the subject heading “Innoplastic-Internship-Queries”.