About Us

We are an SME and offer services in bringing innovation to market through project development and execution. We also offer technical support to industrial installations especially where water plays a primary role.

Innovation: Our innovation approach is aimed at bringing together different organizations together to tackle global problems, as we strive to conserve our wonderful blue planet. Together with these organizations, we form a team that defines a common goal. We then acquire the necessary funding to achieve these goals. Our purpose is to aid in this complex process and ultimately manage the innovation project successfully. Bringing sustainable industrial innovations is a thrilling and satisfying experience.
Industrial installations: Reliable and efficient operation of industrial water reduces, among others, high operational costs, and unexpected shutdowns and helps to ensure reliable plant operation. The expertise of BlueXPRT is aimed at the daily operation, integrity, and performance of these water systems as well as related effects on the environment. We do so by reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating the impact on the operational processes and assessing the effects on the aquatic environment. The goal of BlueXPRT is to be an independent consultancy company in industrial water services encompassing primarily process water. BlueXPRT provides high-end consultancy services to loyal customers from the heavy industry as well as governmental authorities.

Meet the Team

Ludwin Daal

Founder and director of BlueXPRT bv. Ludwin has a chemical and environmental engineering background and worked in waste, biomass, and water consultancy for over 15 years. He has over 10 years of experience as an R&D project manager. He has worked within the Process and Cooling water group within legacy KEMA (later DNV GL than SWECO) which provides services to heavy industry. His main tasks were R&D project management, water chemistry, and business development. He is a successful project manager capable of bringing technologies to pre-commercial stages. This has earned him and his team several innovation nominations and his projects are considered success stories by the European Commission. He is often contracted by the European Commission to evaluate proposals and has been appointed technical expert in water chemistry trials. He is capable of processing large sums of complex information and pinpointing the key aspects. He is a passionate speaker and has spoken at different international conferences namely in Qatar, Australia, India, China, South Africa, Europe, and the United States of America.

Dr. Açelya SEÇER

Açelya has a doctorate in chemistry with experience in analytical chemistry and gasification processes. She works as an assistant professor at Çukurova University in Turkey where she teaches the basics of analytical chemistry to undergraduate students. She also supervises master students while creating and managing her own research projects. Her research area involves renewable energy technologies and waste management. She has been involved in several projects, related to biomass and coal gasification to date, and published more than 10 scientific research articles recognized in national and international platforms. Combining her research experience with her passion for building a more liveable world, Açelya currently strives to create and develop sustainable solutions with BlueXPRT.

Dr. Harsha Mysore Prabhakara

Doctorate from the University of Twente, Netherlands. Harsha has carried out his Ph.D. research in the field of biomass conversion to Bio-oil and Hydrogen. In this research, both knowledge of deoxygenation catalysts and CO2 sorbents were applied to produce a high-quality bio-oil and a CO2-free and H2-rich gas. Previously, he worked on characterizing and modelling the flow in a constructed wetland for wastewater treatment at the Helmholtz Centre of Environmental Research, Leipzig, Germany. Before this, he graduated with a bachelor’s of in mechanical engineering with his thesis titled” Vibrational Analysis of a Tip Shrouded Gas Turbine Blade” at the “Gas Turbine Research Establishment” India. Following his bachelor’s thesis, he worked as an Engineer in the manufacturing domain at Toyota Industries in India for 2.5 years. Overall he can integrate multi-disciplinary skills in engineering sciences across various projects. At BlueXPRT he will be contributing towards multiple projects in innovation and sustainability.

Andriyan Aleksandrov

Hailing from Bulgaria, Andriyan is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management at the University of Twente. He is passionate about big data analytics and its applications when it comes to sustainable innovation. His skills and competencies stem not only from his educational background but also from his experience working as a Teaching Assistant in a variety of subjects: Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Probability Theory, and Statistics. In addition, he is an experienced presenter and an avid reader – qualities which enabled him to successfully complete an Honours Degree during his first two years of University studies. His main tasks at BlueXPRT revolve around developing a financial tool useful for evaluating the clean-up solutions as part of the EU-funded In-No-Plastic project.

Elena Azor Uroz

Raised in Spain, Elena studied International Business student at Maastricht University with a specialization in Emerging Markets. She has a strong interest in Sustainable Development and Innovation. Additionally, Elena has a keen interest in marketing and communication. These skills were developed after three years of experience managing her own clothing brand’s social media (http://www.silkyoficial.com/). These capabilities together with her passion for making a better world make her now part of BlueXPRT. She is going to contribute to the different EC-funded projects with a focus on developing the dissemination and communication plans to a multitude of stakeholders and formulating its execution. Social media tools, websites, videos, and logos are activities she will be working on.

Sergei Kabatskii

Sergei has several years of work experience in urban consulting, public finance, and media industries. Recently, he assisted a UK-based start-up aimed at housing customization in analytical/marketing aspects and finished an internship in data analytics in a US-based company for a joint project with Mastercard. Sergei also co-founded the podcast “Expat Dispatch” which shares life stories of young professionals coming to the Netherlands.

During his professional career, Sergei completed a series of analytical projects and published several journalistic articles in European outlets. In 2021 Sergei graduated from a master’s program in Urban Management and Development at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In his thesis, Sergei investigated the impact of micro-mobile transportation on the sustainable development of Rotterdam. Prior to that, he finished his bachelor’s in Political Science at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Sergei is passionate about circularity and blue economy, actively applying his interdisciplinary experience and expertise to relevant sustainability projects.

Şefika Türker Üzden

Şefika is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in chemistry and works as a research assistant at Çukurova University. Her commitment to environmental sustainability and her innovative approach to waste management is also reflected in her research efforts. She is focusing on high-efficiency hydrogen production through hydrothermal gasification of waste plastic-biomass mixtures in her doctoral thesis. Her research involves data analysis, synthesis, and characterization, carried out with the use of laboratory equipment and various spectroscopic instruments and reactors. She has publications in international journals. She has participated as a researcher in industry-university collaboration projects and provides assistance in laboratory classes at Çukurova University. Şefika actively participates in international conferences to present her findings on hydrogen production, as well as her synthesis and characterization studies.