Our Projects

Current Projects:

InNoPlastic: The goal is to develop and demonstrate nano, micro, and macro-plastic clean-up technologies in aquatic ecosystems.

Green Marine: The goal is to accelerate climate neutrality of waterborne transport by retrofitting existing fleets.

LIFE Carbongreen projects: The goal is to bring a new solution able to transform secondary raw materials, like wind turbine blades, into high-value products.

X-Lives: The goal is to develop innovative circular solutions in the areas of polymer, fibre, and mineral materials. It fosters the collaboration of Dutch and German companies to ideate solutions, which will be submitted for evaluation to receive funding.

Previous projects:

CapWa: The goal was to have commercially available membrane modular systems suitable for industrial applications. CapWa was a very successful 2010-2013 EU-funded project. It was named twice by the European Commission as a success story.

APEC: The goal was to study water-energy nexus. See the report HERE.