Our Projects

Ongoing Projects

Green Marine: Accelerate climate neutrality of waterborne transport by retrofitting existing fleets with decarbonization solutions.

LIFE Carbongreen Projects: Transform secondary raw materials, like wind turbine blades, into high-value products with innovative solutions.

X-Lives: Develop circular solutions for polymer, fibre, and mineral materials by fostering collaboration between Dutch and German companies to create funding-worthy projects.

SuSuCoats: Revolutionize surface protection with eco-friendly coatings through innovative research, digital modeling, and industry collaboration, promoting sustainable development and empowering consumers with greener choices.

RecHycle: Reduce carbon dioxide emissions in steelmaking by using green hydrogen and recycled metallurgical gases instead of coking coal and pulverized coal in the blast furnace process.

Hurricane: Transform traditional steelmaking plants into dynamic, multi-sectoral circular hubs by promoting industrial symbiosis and efficient resource management through waste heat utilization, waste minimization, and maximizing circularity in steelmaking processes.

Previous Projects

InNoPlastic: Develop and demonstrate nano, micro, and macro-plastic clean-up technologies in aquatic ecosystems.

CapWa: Develop water vapor capture membrane systems for industrial applications. The “water from smoke” or CapWa project was a highly successful 2010-2013 EU-funded project and was named twice by the European Commission as a success story.

APEC: Study the water-energy nexus of fossil-fired assets in Asia. See the report HERE.