About Us

We help organizations fund, execute, and succeed in their innovations

  • Versatile approach
  • Support in all stages of the innovation cycle
  • Execution and action to ensure success beyond innovation

It is not easy, but we make it simple and we get the job done.

Meet the Team

Ludwin Daal

  • Director & Innovation Consultant

Founder and director of BlueXPRT. Ludwin has a chemical and environmental engineering background and worked in waste, biomass, and water consultancy for over 15 years. He has over 10 years of experience as an R&D project.

Dr. Harsha Mysore Prabhakara 

  • Technical expert & Project manager

Harsha is a technical consultant and a project manager at BlueXPRT. He contributes towards multiple projects in areas of biomass valorisation, steel making decarbonization, EoL blade recycling and green hydrogen. Harsha previously earned a doctorate from University of Twente for developing a process for the conversion of biomass into CO2-free hydrogen gas and high-quality bio-oil. 

Dr. Açelya Seçer

  • Technical expert & Researcher

Doctorate in chemistry with experience in analytical chemistry and gasification processes, with an additional master degree in business consultancy. Açelya worked as an assistant professor at Çukurova University in Turkey. Her research area involves renewable energy technologies and waste management. At the BlueXPRT she works as a project leader and innovation consultant.  

Sergei Kabatskii

  • Sustainability & Social sciences consultant

Sergei has an MSc in Urban Management & Development and a BA in Political Science. As a consultant at BlueXPRT, he coordinates activities on various projects, conducts socio-economic and similar assessments, improves the company’s marketing aspects, and contributes to research activities. 

Elena Azor Uroz

  • Communication & Marketing expert

Graduated in International Business with a specialization in Emerging Markets. Her focus lays on developing and executing dissemination and communication plans for a diverse range of stakeholders, utilizing social media tools, websites, videos, and logos. 

Otto Nederlof

  • Senior consultant & Marketing manager

Business consultant with a focus on global marketing strategy for tech-driven products. He guides customers through EU markets. Leveraging engineering insights, he engages in standardization organizations to promote strategic objectives. 

Allan Brown

  • Senior technical & Innovation consultant

An experienced entrepreneur with degrees in science and technology. He directed a company featured on BBC’s “Tomorrow’s World” and collaborated on innovative marine emission solutions. Currently, he focuses on pioneering sustainable marine technology, holding multiple pending patents in the field. 

Cyrelle Soehkai

  • Marketing & Officer manager

Degree in marketing, communication and events, and international business. As an office manager at BlueXPRT, she ensures smooth operations and hosts company events. Cyrelle is involved in marketing activities like content creation and in shaping the company’s communication strategies. 

Jeroen Franzel

  • Digital tool developer & evaluator

An Applied Mathematics student, excels in evaluating technological concepts, particularly in stochastic operations research. He develops simulation programs to optimize processes like production and risk management, fostering sustainable solutions. 

Do you want to join the team? 

Send us an open application with the CV and the motivation letter explaining why you think you might be a good fit for BlueXPRT. 

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