Water Capture – CapWa

After years of silence, we are happy to announce that BlueXPRT is taking steps for:

The revival of CapWa!

The Capture of evaporated Water with novel membranes (CapWa), was a very succesful 2010-2013 EU funded project.  It was named twice by the European Commission as a succes story.

CapWa is a promising technology that will enable industries to be net water producers and save energy.

Together with some new and old project partners BlueXPRT has taken the lead in requesting funding for the final push to help realize the technology. Below you will find several public reports, the project video and an explanatory animation.

Stay tuned for updates!

Project video link

Paper Alternatives and energy modelling PowerGen Europe V1.0

PPChem2014_16(2), 126-142 CapWa pilot test results

EU CORDIS website project results