Process and cooling water can be of primary importance to a secure and reliable operation of your facility. For reliable operations, understanding water conditioning for your water steam circuit, chlorination or antifouling practices for your cooling water circuit can be crucial to preventing corrosion and fouling. Having the right background knowledge is essential to help you understand what steps to take.

BlueXPRT offers:

  • a two-day general course in process and cooling water chemistry, which covers all the topics mentioned at a general level
  • in-house / in-company courses tailored to your needs

Upcoming courses:

  • 4-5 June in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
  • 8-9 October in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
  • 17 October in Oslo, Norway (Process water only)
  • 24 October in Milan, Italy (Process water only)

The courses can be provided both in English or Dutch, for a description of the English course: Course Process and coolingwater and the Dutch course: Cursus NLD Proces en koelwater. The cooling water courses will be provided by H2O Biofouling Solutions.

Register for the above courses here – online registration.


  • Process water treatment (water preparation techniques, ion exchange units, membrane technology)
  • Conditioning and monitoring of the water steam circuit (guidelines, methods)
  • Corrosion (types of corrosion, chemical purification, standstill conservation)
  • Monitoring (measurements, effects)
  • Macro and micro fouling (biological backgrounds, control, anti-fouling, monitoring, pulse chlorination)

Previous course participants:

From a wide variety of processing and energy generation industries. Attendees range from operators, shift workers, managers, chemists, analysts, etc.

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