We are a start-up and active in all aspects of innovation as well as industrial installations where water is of vital importance. Reliable and efficient operation of industrial water reduces, among others, high operational costs, unexpected shutdowns and helps to ensure reliable plant operation.

The expertise of BlueXPRT is aimed at the daily operation, integrity and performance of these water systems as well as related effects on the environment. We do so by reviewing, monitoring and evaluating impact on the operational processes and assess the effects on the aquatic environment.

The goal of BlueXPRT is to be an independent consultancy company in industrial water services encompassing primarily process water. We also offer expertise in bringing industrial innovations to a higher Technology Readiness Level. BlueXPRT high-end consultancy services to loyal customers from the heavy industry (power industry, LNG, Oil&Gas) as well as governmental authorities.


BlueXPRT BV utilizes your personal (company) information to be able to conduct its work. BlueXPRT BV finds it important to treat all information in a secure and safe manner. In the attached document you will find our (Dutch) privacy statement. PRIVACY VERKLARING BlueXPRT